The purpose of this website is to help others with the condition known as Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression / Mood Disorder, which I refer to as BP.

If this website helps just one person improve his or her health, I will consider it to have been worth the effort!

Mission Statement

Here’s a little background on why I put in the effort to create this site. I believe that if you Google the terms mentioned above, you will find the majority of material has to do with what I call The Misery: that is, complaints (justified and humane) about the difficulties stemming from bipolar conditions (broken relationships, hampered careers) and the struggle to get treatment (at all, or to get it right). This website is not about that, in part because that is so well covered and in part (and more importantly) because that is not the “place” that I have chosen to be in, over time or now, and I believe that choice has been a key ingredient to managing the condition and creating a successful and happy life. The other material you will find with the above search terms is what I call The Romance. The Romance in some ways is more dangerous; it’s about how BP folks are, in short, special (and better than the population at large) – more creative, more intelligent. My own research, including knowing dozens of people with this condition, doesn’t support this. I believe that while there are creative people in the population, they are, once they get their health in a good place, still able to access their creativity.

What I believe, and what has freed me to focus on attaining great health, is what I’ll call the “Is-ness” of the condition, just like the Is-ness of many things in life that we have to accept and make the best of.  (You could call this Buddhist, or consistent with the teaching of Byron Katie, or others.) With BP, there is a big genetic component; that is, most if not all of us inherited it, and that has changed my approach to it. I didn’t do something to “deserve” it any more than I “deserve” being tall, or forgive me, good looking! It’s just a situation that I have to manage and then focus on creating a good life.

My Routine

Here is my daily regimen, which I follow strictly, and a discussion of each component. I have developed this over decades, with trial and error, and I’m presenting it in the hope that it may be of help to others who are getting started in their management of BP or more likely who are already into it and might be interested in what someone else is up to.




Once Per Week

Medication, Herbs

Ayurvedic Meal

Ayurvedic Meal

Talk Therapy

Yoga & Meditation


Sleep Hygiene


Sunlight, Lightbox


Peer Support Group

Ayurvedic Meal

Living with BP

About the Author

georgeGeorge Petrides serves as Board Director of three companies.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and both an MBA and an MA from Stanford University, George worked as an investment banker, specializing in energy industry mergers and acquisitions. He held positions at Dillon Read, Darby Overseas Investments (founded by Treasury Secretary Nicholas F. Brady) and Lazard before becoming Managing Director in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. He considers his successful management of his bipolar disorder and his current healthy lifestyle one of his finest achievements.